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Earn Blueboard rewards each time you hit a service anniversary and for helping champion our core TTD values.

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Anniversary Rewards

Well-deserved recognition for the significant amount of time you invest at TTD!

Earn Blueboard rewards each time you hit a service anniversary and for helping champion our core values.

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Value Rewards

Recognition for helping champion our core values.


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There are different award levels for different celebrations.

Each reward level has its own menu of experiences to choose from.  Whether you want to relax, create, or energize, each reward level has something for you. You can also donate your reward to a charitable cause of your choosing.

Ivory rewards

For value rewards, and for 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 year anniversaries

White Gold rewards

For 3 year anniversaries

Indigo rewards

For 4 year anniversaries

Tiburon rewards

For 5 year anniversaries

Emerald rewards

For 7 year anniversaries

Ruby rewards

For 10 year anniversaries

Aviator rewards

For 15 year anniversaries


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What our employees are saying.

Check out how your peers have redeemed their Blueboard rewards and join the #fun-blueboard-experiences slack channel to share your own memories and ask for tips as you plan your next adventure.  Use #BlueboardRewards and #Blueboarding on social to be automatically entered to win an Ivory reward in Blueboard’s monthly contest.

“Found a life-changing experience to celebrate my 4 year anniversary at TTD! Mac joined our family late last year. So far he loves naps between Zoom calls, apples, and not coming when called. 

Thank you TTD for covering our adoption costs, and subscription to BarkBox!”

Cristina Bernard 

“For my second-year anniversary gift my husband and I went to Sydney Cooking School for a cooking class experience and it was pretty awesome! We made Japanese street food and had heaps of fun! (of course, the food tasted great too!)”

Cynthia Xu

“For my first anniversary gift, I wanted to find something that would be enjoyable in the COVID world. I also have a two-year-old, so finding something he can participate in would also be great. A lot of the experiences involving children would be a bit above his age range. Luckily, I found something that would be COVID-friendly, my son would be able to grow into, and I was genuinely excited about myself: the Astronomy class 

The class was online so I could do it from home and it included a telescope! While a telescope is not the best thing for toddlers, it is something I can keep for a long time that my whole family can enjoy. The class will also help me be my household's mister smarty pants, because are you even a dad if you don't know random space facts? Still getting the hang of the telescope, but here is a picture I took of space (too bad that big chunk of cheese got in the way).”

Brandon Adams

“I combined my 4th and 5th anniversary together to create a MEGA anniversary. My wife and I went to the sensei wellness resort (https://sensei.com/) on the island of Lanai in Hawaii. It was pretty epic. The best part was the private spa hales, which are dedicated rooms to get a massage in, with your own soaking tub, sauna, hot/cold pools, etc.”

Tim Caro

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At Blueboard, we believe in recognizing a job well done by rewarding team members in meaningful ways – ways that you’ll remember, that will get you ear-to-ear-grinning excited, and that you'll want to share with others.

We founded Blueboard as a way to help people challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, and experience new things – just like you’re doing at your company now.

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